INTEY Metal Detector with LCD Showing Detecting Depth and High-accuracy Discrimination in Oxford Carry Bag (With Multi-function folding shovel) (Black)

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INTEY Metal Detector with LCD Showing Detecting Depth and High-accuracy Discrimination in Oxford Carry Bag (With Multi-function folding shovel) (Black) INTEY

  • ★ALL METAL MODE - Press the MODE button after turning it on, and plus sign and minus sign is for sensitivity adjustment. It's all-metal mode when there's SENS shows in LCD. Pressing the key a second time, if you want to eliminate metals.
  • ★DISCRIMINATION - Press MODE key to choose metals to be eliminated. When arrow point to iron/ cap, it means that those kind of metals won't cause a reaction. 5 cents, pull ring, bottele cap, aluminum or zinc will be removed when the arrow pointing 5 ¢or 1 ¢. Attention that both iron and pull ring can be eliminated while 25 cents, 10 cents, silver, gold can not be get rid of,because they are made of valuable metal.
  • ★TARGET ID & COIN DEPTH - Coin depth will shows in LCD, and it will let you know which kind of metals were detected through the arrow. There're 3 different voice matching different metals. Volume is fixed in a proper range. Ear jack(earphone not included), provides you a chance to search treasury in noisy street or beach, free of being disturbed.
  • ★HIGH SENSITIVITY - Metal can be detected once coil approach it, and there's beep sound to remind you. Depth will showed in display screen. Rocks, minerals will disturb detection. Plumbing and metal appliances in room will affect the test results.
  • ★WATERPROOF - Both the adjustable stem and the coil at the end are waterproof, so you can search for lost metal items at the bottom of a shallow pool or stream. But the display panel should be carefully away from water, or it will be damaged. If there are any problems during the installation, please contact our customer service for installation and operation guidance.

INTEY Metal Detector with LCD Showing Detecting Depth and High-Accuracy Discrimination in Oxford Carry Bag (with Multi-Function Folding Shovel) (Black)

INTEY Metal Detector with LCD Showing Detecting Depth and High-accuracy Discrimination in Oxford Carry Bag (With Multi-function folding shovel) (Black) INTEY


INTEY Metal Detector:
This all-terrain detector offers new and exclusive technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry, and even gold nuggets in shallow water hunting, beach hunting, and more.

Iron icon: iron/ cap
5 ¢or 1 ¢icon: pull ring/ cap/ 1 cents/ 5 cents
Silver/ copper/ 25 cents/ 10 cents can't be eliminated.

✓Discrimination-Iron, pull ring, zinc and cap
✓High sensitivity
✓Waterproof- adjustable stem and the search coil
✓Low battery indicator- showing in LCD display screen
✓Big carry bag- suitable for carrying metal detector and additional tools
✓Multi-function folding shovel- not applicable to rocks
✓Battery backup- 2 battery bin ( kit start working with 1 battery)

1、Why it shows wrong target ID? There're more than one metallic substance in the detection area; Metals was highly oxidized.
2、Why there's false signal? The detector might sound a false signal if it detects heavily oxidized metals. If the detector does not display and sound the same signal each time, the target is probably heavily oxidized metal.keeping the height of the plate about 1~2 inches off the ground, swing arc distance is about 2.7 inch. Please move slowly in case miss the target.
3、If your metal detector says that it's a quarter, it probably isn't a quarter. Even the most accurate metal detector only correctly identified the metal 40 percent of the time. Magnetic and geological factors will affect the detecting. So, they're generally close enough to let you know if you should dig.

1 x Metal Detector
1 x Multi-function Folding Shovel
1 x Carry Bag
1 x User Guide

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Metal Detector helpful Guide

A metal detector is an electronic gadget that’s used for finding metal items in hidden places such as under the ground.


How does a detector find metallic objects?

The metal detectors are provided with magnetic coils which are meant to interact with the metals around. Due to this fact, the moment you place the detector at the ground, an attraction between the coils within the detector and the metals available happens therefore notifying you the location to have a look at. One of the vital metals detected via the instrument include iron, copper, brass, aluminum, tin, lead, gold, silver, bronze, jewels, cash and many others. A metal detector is a competent instrument for finding buried metals making an allowance for that it permit you to discover several types of metals.
One very important factor to bear in mind although is that there are wide varieties of metal detector gadgets on the market to choose between. So, what will have to you look for whilst searching for a new detector?

The level of sensitivity

The sensitivity levels in the detectors decide the kind of objects it will have the ability to locate in that area. Some metals require highly sensitive units, and there are those who get attracted pretty simply. As an example, small metals like the jewels or even coins desire a detector that has a top degree of sensitivity when you consider that it’s easy to search out them especially if they’re buried underground. Then again, for massive items that are hidden underground, using a low sensitive detector will paintings correctly for you because the items are straightforward to locate. Additionally, it is suggested that you just purchase a sensor that has versatile, delicate choices for the reason that you may also wish to use it in numerous conditions and even areas.


This is among the highest features that you just will have to glance out for while buying the new detector. It’s because it makes your detecting activity straightforward while finding natural metals. A discrimination feature is utilized in discovering the best metals via determining the responses from the metals at the space that you’re searching. Each and every metal has its reaction whilst attracted by means of a magnetic device and therefore, this selection lets you recognize the kind of steel situated in that area by exhibiting the reaction on the machine. Be aware that the price of a detector with this selection is fairly prime. Also, when shopping for a detector with discrimination, check out the degrees available due to the fact they range in degrees.

The associated fee

How so much are you willing to spend on obtaining a metal detector? Well, this must be the first question you ask your self sooner than you head to the shop to shop for one. The latest detectors are equipped with totally different options, and the weather resolve the associated fee. Subsequently, if you want a sensor that has all of the above options, then you have to be ready to spend a couple of more greenbacks since it is going to cost you more as opposed to acquiring easy detector.

The consumer

It’s your decision a metal detector that can be used by means of all the family particularly while you pass out hunting, tenting or even mountain climbing. Subsequently, to make sure that everybody will have the ability to use the detector comfortably believe shopping for an adjustable indicator that you can building up in duration for higher use.

The area to use it

A few metal detectors are designed to be used in locations that should not have top concentrated soils or areas that are not deep, even as others are made with an adjustable mechanism which allows you to use it in numerous places. Subsequently, if you know that you will be the usage of the tool in different areas, believe getting the adjustable one for easy use. Be aware that an adjustable metal detector will value you extra as opposed to the straightforward one.

Other equipment

Each metal detector has to have an accessory that notifies you when you get with reference to the metals at the ground. Some metal detectors are offered with headphones, and others are provided with LED notifications on the LCD displays for a similar function.

The options to check for



Radar is the feature that may be answerable for determining the sizes and the densities of the metals available at the ground. This option is basically recommended for other folks engaged find treasures or gold on the deep levels of the land.

The detection generation

The metal detectors are designed with different detecting technology, and subsequently, you wish to determine what you’ll be searching with the software sooner than buying it. The tactics are grouped into three classes which are the BFO, VLF, and PI.

BGO is the most straightforward era and detectors with this generation include about two coils of the magnet. It is a perfect for searching for metals that are on the topsoil or hidden on other objects.

VLF – This instrument is perfect for individuals who wish to select positive metals from under the sand or dirt. It works via releasing frequency magnetic on the ground. Then whilst the magnet reaches to the ground, it moves until it comes across a selected metal, and then reflects the tool. You cans setup the VLF to reflect best when it comes into contact with the type of metal you’re hunting for.

PI is a high-quality technology that is answerable for discovering the metals that are deep in the flooring. The technology may also be set in a way that it is going to handiest pinpoint and alert you whilst it comes into touch with that metal object. It is basically used by individuals who hunt for treasures or gold deep underground.