Garrett Pro Pointer AT Metal Detector Waterproof with Camo Digger’s Pouch and Edge Digger

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Garrett Pro Pointer AT Metal Detector Waterproof with Camo Digger's Pouch and Edge Digger Detectors Metal

Garrett Pro Pointer AT Metal Detector Waterproof with Camo Digger’s Pouch and Edge Digger

  • Fully waterproof to 10 feet with orange color for added visibility underwater. Maximum Sensitivity for improved detection of nuggets and other small targets. Choose from three Sensitivity levels.
  • Fast Retune: Quick button press instantly tunes out environment or narrows detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets. Retuning allows user to quickly: Shrink detection field to precisely pinpoint large targets Tune out mineralized ground, wet beach sand, etc. Help gauge target size/distance Help identify edges of large target Pinpoint multiple targets versus one large target signal
  • Lost Pro-Pointer Alarm: After 5 minutes with no button presses, the pinpointer emits periodic warning chirps. Automatic power off after 5 minutes of warning chirps; saves batteries. Simple, single-button operation for Power, Retune, Sensitivity adjustment, and Stealth Mode.
  • Ruler in Inches and Centimeters molded into side of pinpointer to judge target depth. Lanyard Attachment Loop molded into side of pinpointer. New power button is easy to operate even with gloves.
  • Patented Proportional Audio/Vibration Patented scraping blade for searching soil Twice the battery life of other pinpointers with LED lights. Pinpointing tip and 360° detection area LED Flashlight for low light uses. Includes woven belt holster and 9-volt battery. Large power button

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Metal Detector Guide

A metal detector is an electronic instrument which is used for locating metal items in hidden places such as under the ground.


How does a detector find metal gadgets?

The metal detectors are supplied with magnetic coils which are supposed to have interaction with the metals around. Therefore, the instant you put the tool on the ground, an attraction among the coils within the detector and the metals available happens therefore notifying you the area to have a look at. One of the crucial metals detected via the tool include iron, copper, brass, aluminum, tin, lead, gold, silver, bronze, jewels, cash and plenty of others. A metal detector is a competent instrument for finding buried metals making an allowance for that it mean you can discover various kinds of metals.
One essential thing to bear in mind although is that there are extensive varieties of metal detector devices on the market to make a choice from. So, what must you search for while searching for a new detector?

The extent of sensitivity

The sensitivity ranges in the detectors determine the type of objects it is going to be capable of find in that space. A few metals require highly sensitive units, and there are those who get attracted pretty easily. As an example, small metals like the jewels and even cash want a detector that has a prime stage of sensitivity seeing that it is easy to seek out them particularly if they’re buried underground. However, for massive items which are hidden underground, the use of a low sensitive detector will paintings accurately for you for the reason that items are simple to find. Additionally, it is recommended that you just purchase a sensor that has flexible, sensitive options on the grounds that you may also wish to use it in several prerequisites or even areas.


This is among the perfect features that you simply should look out for when buying the new detector. This is because it makes your work simple while discovering pure metals. A discrimination function is used in discovering the best metals via identifying the responses from the metals on the location that you’re looking. Each and every mettalic object has its reaction whilst attracted by means of a magnetic device and due to this fact, this feature enables you to realize the type of steel situated in that house through showing the reaction on the system. Be aware that the price of a detector with this option is moderately top. Also, whilst buying a detector with discrimination, take a look at the levels to be had considering the fact that they vary in degrees.

The cost

How so much are you prepared to spend on acquiring a new detector? Well, this will have to be the first question you ask your self sooner than you head to the shop to shop for one. The metal detectors are provided with different features, and the elements resolve the fee. Therefore, if you want a sensor that has all of the above options, then you have to be prepared to spend a few more dollars due to the fact it will value you more as opposed to acquiring easy detector.

The consumer

You may want a metal detector that can be utilized through the entire circle of relatives especially whilst you go out searching, tenting or even hiking. Therefore, to make sure that everybody will be capable of use the detector with ease imagine shopping for an adjustable indicator that you’ll building up in length for higher use.

The area to use it

Some metal detectors are designed for use in locations that shouldn’t have top concentrated soils or areas that don’t seem to be deep, even as others are made with an adjustable mechanism which allows you to use it in several locations. Due to this fact, if that you will be the usage of the software in different areas, consider getting the adjustable one for simple use. Be aware that an adjustable metal detector will cost you more as opposed to the easy one.

Other accessories

Each and every metal detector has to have an accessory that notifies you while you get with regards to the metals on the floor. Some metal detectors are bought with headphones, and others are supplied with LED notifications at the LCD screens for the same function.

The features to check for



Radar is the characteristic that is responsible for figuring out the sizes and the densities of the metals available at the flooring. This feature is mainly advisable for other people engaged in finding treasures or gold on the deep levels of the land.

The detection tech

The metal detectors are designed with completely different detecting technology, and subsequently, you need to decide what you’ll be looking with the device prior to shopping for it. The ways are grouped into three classes which are the BFO, VLF, and PI.

BGO is the most simple technology and detectors with this era include about two coils of the magnet. It is a perfect for searching for metals that are at the topsoil or hidden on other items.

VLF – This instrument is perfect for those who want to select positive metals from the ground. It works via freeing frequency magnetic on the floor. Then while the magnet reaches to the bottom, it actions till it comes throughout a selected steel, after which reflects the device. You cans setup the VLF to reflect simplest whilst it comes into touch with the type of metal you are hunting for.

PI is a high-quality generation that is answerable for finding the metals that are deep in the ground. The technology can also be set in a way that it’ll best pinpoint and provide you with a warning when it comes into contact with that metal object. It’s basically utilized by individuals who hunt for treasures or gold deep underground.